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Easy Micellar Water Formula: Three Ways

I've made quite a few cleansing products over the years, such as cleansing balms, cleansing sticks, cream cleansers, gel cleansers, cleansing oils, etc. However, the area of micellar water stayed undiscovered by me until I stumbled upon a video by The Institute of Personal Care Science where their creator showed how to make micellar water.… Continue reading Easy Micellar Water Formula: Three Ways

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Making Herbal and Flower-Infused Oils

Recently I've been researching how to make herbal extracts and infusions. I've made some glycerine-based extracts and it worked great. Maybe I'll make a separate post on this subject in the future. Next, I really wanted to make some oil infusions to boost skin loving properties of my anhydrous formulations. anhydrous = no water or… Continue reading Making Herbal and Flower-Infused Oils

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Hair Oils: Formulation Guidelines. Argan & Rosehip Lightweight Hair Oil.

Today I will share with you two formulations for beautiful, lightweight, balancing hair oils that are going to add shine and prevent hair splits. I've been asked to formulate hair oil many times, and I didn't want to rush into it without thorough research. Finally, I'm ready to give my thoughts on hair oils, formulation… Continue reading Hair Oils: Formulation Guidelines. Argan & Rosehip Lightweight Hair Oil.

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Ayurvedic Purifying Face Mask

This is not going to be one of those lengthy posts of mine because I've already shared a similar formulation this week Cleansing and Refreshing Antioxidant Matcha & Clay Mask (LUSH Inspired. You can refer to it if you would like more information on this type of mask. This mask is formulated to cleanse, refresh, mattify… Continue reading Ayurvedic Purifying Face Mask