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Ayurvedic Purifying Face Mask

This is not going to be one of those lengthy posts of mine because I’ve already shared a similar formulation this week Cleansing and Refreshing Antioxidant Matcha & Clay Mask (LUSH Inspired. You can refer to it if you would like more information on this type of mask.

This mask is formulated to cleanse, refresh, mattify and improve skin complexion. I apply it on my wet face, leave it on for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water by massaging circular motions. My skin loved it! I hope yours will too.

Let’s take a look at the original formula and see how we can change it to make it Ayuverdic and more purifying and suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

What’s in the mask?

Our base is going to be the same old good and moisturizing glycerin+honey +cleansing clay. In the previous formula, I used Kaolin Clay. In the one we’re making today I went for Green Clay and Multani Mitti (ayurvedic clay). Multani Mutti is also known as Fullers Earth is celebrated for its amazing cleansing and mattifying properties. Let’s boost the cleansing and purifying powers of our mask by adding some wonderful Neem Powder to regulate excess sebum and remove sweat and dirt from the pores. I wanted to add some soothing and calming ingredients and Bhringraj Powder sounded great for this project. Not only can it improve the complexion it can also reduce skin inflammations.

I’ve also included a small amount of Argan oil and a few CO2 herbal extracts. You can use different extracts instead, just make sure they’re either glycerin-based or CO2 extracts.

Ayurvedic Purifying Face Mask


*You can use Kaolin Clay instead of Green Clay.
*You can use a different oil instead of Argan oil.
*You can use a different preservative, just make sure it’s broad spectrum and compatible with the formula I’ve provided.
*You can use glycerin-based extracts instead of CO2 extracts. They are usually used at a higher % so you can substitute some of the glycerine for your extracts.
* You can use other essential oils



  1. Combine honey, glycerine and preservative in a bowl.

2) Add your powders and stir to combine.

3) Combine your oils, essential oils and extracts in a small container and add them to your face mask base.

4) And that’s it! Now you can package them up in cute containers and enjoy the cleansing and refreshing power of this mask!

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