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Cleansing and Refreshing Antioxidant Matcha & Clay Mask (LUSH Inspired)

I’d been thinking about creating a mask similar to one of the most famous masks sold by Lush for a long time now. It’s not meant to be a dupe but simply a similar product. I love clay masks and the inclusion of glycerine and super moisturizing honey play together nicely by not only cleansing but also moisturizing at the same time.

I also included some matcha powder for its antioxidant boost, colloidal oatmeal for its soothing and calming properties, and pure menthol for its cooling, refreshing kick.

Did you know that mentol crystals are made out of peppermint essential oil? Quite cool, isn't it?

Another star ingredient in this cleansing &moisturizing formula is the Rosehip seed oil as it’s very moisturizing, softening, and has the potential to brighten the skin as well as evening the tone and firming the skin. It has a nice pink color to it and the skin feel is absolutely amazing!

Apply this mask twice per week on your face with wet hands, sligtly massage. Leave on for up to 10 mintues. Rinse off with with warm water.

It does the great job of freshening your skin, makes it more moisturized, clean and soothed.


*You can use a different oil instead of Rosehip oil. Something like Argan Oil or Evening Primrose Oil would be gorgeous in this mask.
*You can also use Pink Clay or French Green Clay instead of Kaolin Clay.

*If you don’t have colloidal oatmeal and matcha powder then feel free to add more clay instead or use a gentle exfoliator like rice flour, almond meal, ground adzuki beans, etc. Other great choices are rose petal powder, ayurvedic powders, fruit powders.

*If you make a small batch for 2 uses (about 50g) then you don’t have to use a preservative. Store your mask in the fridge and use clean dry hands or a spoon to scoop it out. You can use a different preservative if you don’t have Euxyl PE9010.

*Menthol Crystals are pretty potent. If you don’t want to use them or you don’t have them you can add 0.25% Peppermint essential oil.

Cleansing and Refreshing Antioxidant Matcha & Clay Mask

35% Glycerine
1% Euxyl PE9010
22.75% Honey
28% Kaolin Clay
8% Colloidal oatmeal
2% Matcha Powder
2% Polysorbate 20 (or 1% Polysorbate 80)
1% Rosehip Oil
0.25% Menthol Crystals


  1. Start off by gently melting your menthol crystals with your oil in a double boiler. I was making a 200g batch of the mask so it didn’t take long for my menthol crystals to melt.

2. In the meanwhile mix your glycerine with Euxyul PE9010 and add honey. You can use any honey you like. I had Linden Honey so that’s what I used.

3. Add your powders and mix until everything is well combined.

4. Once your menthol is melted through add Polysorbate 80 to your oil mixture. Incorporate it into your creamy mask paste.

5. Package, label and enjoy!

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