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Bubble Scoops Recipe

I’ve been working on this recipe for a few months now and I am thrilled to share the finall formulation with you!

Some things I kept in mind while sweating on this recipe.

1) bubble scoops without Cream of Tartar. As much as I love this ingredient I do understand that it’s not very affordable, and it can’t be purchased in many countries.

2) less SLSA. SLSA is a great surfactant and it produces nice bubbles. However, it’s pricey so I wanted to use it at a lower rate to reduce the costs.

3) easy to make

4) 24-48 hours drying time.

5) produce good bubbles

And you know what? I managed! So well done Daisy and have fun with my recipe everybody!


500g Batch (makes 6)
350g Baking Soda
40g SLSA (or SCS)
20g Tapioca Starch
15g Kaolin Clay
45g Cocamidopropyl Betaine
10g Cocoa Butter
10g Fragrance Oil
5g Polysorbate 80
colorant of choice
recipe in grams
8,00%SLSA or SCS
3%Kaolin Clay
4,00%Tapioca Starch
9,00%Cocoamidopropyl Betaine
2,00%Cocoa Butter
Recipe in percentages


1. In a large bowl combine your dry ingredients. Wear a dust mask or a respirator because powdered surfactants are airborne and are very unpleasant to breathe in. I only had coarse SLSA on hand and that’s why you see those little white specks on my pictures.

NOTE: if you use micas or powdered lakes as your colorants then add them to your dry ingredients.

2. Weigh and melt your cocoa butter. You can use a microwave or a water bath method. It shouldn’t take long.

3. Once your cocoa butter is melted add the rest of the wet ingredients to the container with your cocoa butter and slightly stir.

4. Slowly pour your wet mixture into your dry ingredients and start kneading. At first, the mixture will look very crumbly but you will see how the consistency changes as you knead. It will turn into this beautiful, non-sticky, play-dough consistency mixture. You can use a stand mixer or a hand mixer. This batch was small so I just kneaded it with my hands. If you would like to use water-soluble dyes as your colorant then mix them up with 1-2ml hot water before adding to your bubble mix.

TIP: if you want to use a mooncake press or a 3d mold to make your solid bubble bath then don’t knead the dough for too long. It should be crumbly but hold its shape once squeezed.

5. If you want to make multiple colored bubble scoops then divide your mixtures between mixing bowls, add your colorants, mix well, and then scoop your solid bubble bath balls.

6. Scoop your solid bubble bath batter, slowly release on parchment paper, and set aside to dry for about 24-48 hours.

TIP: you can make cocoa butter drizzle and use it for decorating your solid bubble bath creations! You can also add some glitter, sprinkles, sparkly mica, flower petals, to decorate your final product.


I hope you like this recipe. Let me know what you think and please share your creations with me in my Facebook group DIY Bath Bomb Recipes.

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2 thoughts on “Bubble Scoops Recipe

  1. Thank you very much Daisy I look forward to try and this I’m not on Facebook at the moment as I’ve got internet problems but I will be back to your page as soon as possible.
    I can’t wait to try this it looks great fun I was just wondering if you could put cot instead of kaolin clay or the ((takpolia starch)) I know I haven’t spelt this correctly as I’ve just screenshot the recipe I’m going to try this and let you know how I get on thank you ever so much for being so kind and have a lovely weekend.

    Julia 💗

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