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Bath Bomb Adventures Part IV. Basic Multicolored Embeds

Embeds are very easy to make and we can create all kinds of embeds. Actually, I’ve shared a couple of recipes and videos on how to make these mini bath bombs that go inside our regular-sized bath fizzies to create bath bomb art. If you’re interested in more formulas and tutorials then check out these posts and videos.
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Today I’m making two-colored ocean-themed very basic super fizzy embeds. You can use other colors if you want. I’m a huge fan of water-soluble dyes especially in embeds but you do you. Lakes are also a great option but you will need Polysorbate 80.
More about colorants for bath bombs in the post The Simple Guide to Coloring Your Bath Bombs.

RECIPE (x2 for a double batch)
100g Baking Soda x2
100g Citric Acid x2
2g Kaolin Clay or Cream of Tartar (optional) x2
0.2-0.3g water-soluble dye x2
1.25g of water x2

Ocean Blue (Turquise blue)=blue+yellow (5:1 ratio)
Jungle Green = green+blue (4:1) ratio


1. Mix your dye with water until no clumps of colorant are left.

2. Weigh your baking soda and kaolin clay and add your dye mixture to your dry ingredients and mix very thoroughly. Repeat with the next color.

3. Add your citric acid to one of the mixing bowls and mix well. If you see that your mixture is too dry then give it a few spritzes of 70% or 91% alcohol.

4. Layer your embed mixture into a rectangle mold (you can use baking sheet too) and press down as much as you can.

5. Add citric acid to the next color. Mix well and layer your embed mixture on top of the first layer. Pack well and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

6. Carefully flip your mold and if you use silicone mold carefully pull and stretch the sides to help to release your embed block.

7. Cut the embed block into cubes or rectangles. I like to cut mine in small and larger embeds so I have different sizes for my bath bomb projects.

8. Let them dry completely and store in an airtight container or a zip lock bag.

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