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Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Bath Fizzies Recipe

I’ve shared two formulations for Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Bath Bombs and I’ve got great feedback on them. Well, I know why! They’re easy to make and create a spa-like experience in the tub leaving your skin moisturized, soothed, and nourished. Would like to add a little extra something to them? I know I do so let’s see how it’s going to be done.

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The stars of today’s formula are:

Colloidal Oatmeal – is known to soothe itchy, dry, or irritated skin.

Honey Powder – excellent humectant and skin softener

Goat Milk Powder – is a natural emollient which helps to moisturize and soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

Cocoa Butter – helps to improve the skin barrier and retain moisture. It also has excellent moisturizing, softening, nourishing properties for the skin. Cocoa butter smells just like chocolate which plays well with the theme of my recipe. If you don like the chocolaty scent of unrefined natural cocoa butter you gen purchase deodorized cocoa butter.

I used plastic molds for these bath fizzies project but you can make them round or use 3D mold or mooncake press.

!Pro tip!
These bath jewels will fizz pretty quickly. If you would like to prolong the fizzy reaction you could substitute some of the baking soda for SLSA, SCI, or any other powdered surfactant.

Batch Size &Batch Cost

I made a 500g batch of these luxurious bath fizzies and it made 4 units of the product. The recipe will be given in % so you could easily make a smaller or a bigger batch (Using Spreadsheets to Calculate Your Recipes).

Batch Cost – 3.53$/4=0.88$ each (mica for painting was included in the batch cost calculations). I used quite an expensive fragrance oil and I didn’t buy my ingredients in bulk. If you do, your batch cost for this product will be much lower.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric acid, Theobroma Cacao Butter, Caprae lac, Tapioca Starch, Parfum, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour, Honey Powder, Kaolin, Polysorbate 80, Maltodextrin, Decyl Glucoside

RECIPE (500g batch)

Grams%Ingredient Name
28056%Baking SodaA
15531,00%Citric AcidC
102%Goats Milk PowderA
102%Tapioca StarchA
51,00%Honey PowderA
61%Kaolin ClayA
51,00%Colloidal OatmealA
102,00%Cocoa ButterB
51,00%Polysorbate 80B
102,00%Fragrance OilB
40,80%Decyl Glucoside or Cocamidopropyl Betaine or WaterB


  1. In a large mixing bowl mix all of your dry ingredients except citric acid. Mix very well breaking all of the clumps. If your citric acid is very coarse then you should grind it in a food processor or a coffee grinder.

2. Melt your cocoa butter in a double boiler. Once it has melted through and is too hot anymore add your fragrance, polysorbate 80, and a foaming agent and mix everything well. If you’re going to use a surfactant then your mixture is going to look thick and gelly-like. Don’t worry, that’s simply Polysorbate 80 doing its job!(Decyl Glucoside or Cocamidopropyl Betaine – optional)

3. Incorporate your liquids into your dry mix and mix thoroughly. Break all of the little liquid clumps with your hands.

4. Add your citric acid and stir to combine. You can use a stand mixer or hand mixer for this job but you can also mix with your hands.

5. At this point your mixture should be ready to mold. A good way to check the consistency is to squeeze some of the mixture in your hand to form a clump, drop this clump into the bowl. If it stays together then you’re good to go.

6. My bath bomb mixture needed a little bit more moisture so I added about 2-3ml of water and mixed quickly to combine. You can use rubbing alcohol 70% or witch hazel.

you can see how water slightly activates my mix. nothing to worry about, a little bit of reaction is going to make my bath bombs rock hard

7. This time the clump doesn’t’ break apart and stay together even when dropped.


8. If you’re going to use round bath bomb molds check out my video on Youtube on how to mold bath bombs properly. I used plastic molds. Add a layer of bath bomb mix, press everything down, place your embeds (optional), add one more layer, and pack down. Clean all the edges and make sure the bottom of your bath bomb is even.

9. Carefully place your mold on your working area lined with some parchment paper and slightly squeeze your mold on the sides, then tap with a spoon a few times. Carefully lift up your mold to release your bath fizzy.

10. Let your bath bombs dry for a few hours before painting. To paint you need mica, alcohol (91%-99%), some polysorbate 80. Mix everything together and paint your bath bombs with a painting brush. Let them dry completely before packaging.

I used Liquid Gold Mica and Vanilla Ice Cream Mica from Randall’s Candles (not sponsored).

I got my molds (2.3 โ‚ฌ ) each from Manske Shop. They have a huge variety of ingredients and a good amount of molds. They also ship to other EU countries (postage 12โ‚ฌ). I order my surfactants, extracts, emulsifiers, thickeners from them (not sponsored).

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