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Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Bath Bombs

Sweet, warm, cozy, and fragrant Oatmeal, Milk &Honey Bath Bombs are one of my favorite bath bomb treats. Nourishing cocoa butter, soothing colloidal oatmeal paired with foaming milk powder creates an unforgettable bathing experience, and fall is a perfect time for pampering yourself with a luxurious, moisturizing bath bomb.
If you want to learn more about bath bomb ingredients and their functions and usage rates then take a look at this blog post. These bath bombs pair well with my Orange &Cinnamon Body Scrub or this amazing Chocolate &Brown Sugar Exfoliating Body Conditioner and even Rose Geranium &Grapefruit Body Scrub.

This recipe makes 4 bath bombs (2.6”). I drizzle my bath bombs with cocoa butter drizzle to add a honey-like touch to my fizzies. You can leave them as they are if you want. Cocoa butter drizzle is optional. I am giving the formula in % and grams. The formula in percentage is very useful if you need to scale this recipe up using Spreadsheets or Airtable. I save all my formulations in percentages and no one will ever convince me to measure out my ingredients in cups and tablespoons again. If you want to learn more about organizing and keeping track of your supplies then feel free to use my Inventory &Sales Tracking base (free of charge).

58%280Baking Soda (3g for the drizzle)
28%140Citric Acid
2%10Milk Powder
1.2%6Cream of Tartar
1%5Colloidal Oatmeal
2%10Natrasorb bath
2%10Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Fragrance oil
2.4%12Cocoa Butter (10g for bath bombs, 2g for the drizzle)
1.2%6Polysorbate 80 (5g for bath bombs, 1g for the drizzle)
0.2%1Distilled Water (or your binder of choice)
Bio glitter (as desired)
Oat flakes (to decorate)

My favorite stainless steel bath bomb molds

1. In a large mixing bowl mix all of your dry ingredients except Natrasorb. Mix very well breaking all of the clumps. If your citric acid is coarse then you should grind it in a food processor or a coffee grinder.

2. Melt your cocoa butter. Once melted combine it with your Polysorbate 80 and add the liquids to your dry ingredients.

3. To a small measuring cup add your fragrance oil and Natrasorb until they create a thick, creamy paste. Incorporate the past into your bath bomb mixture by rubbing it between your hands.

4. Now it’s time to add your binder. I use water but you could use witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or even a hydrosol. As you can see from my recipe 1g of distilled water was enough for my mixture to clump together very well. If I lived in a drier climate then I would add more binder. What you’re looking for is a “hard clump” consistency. Squeeze a little bit of the mix in your hand and create a clump, drop it into your bowl. It should stay together and not fall apart. Check this post to see pictures of this process.

5. Once your mixture is ready to mold sprinkle some oat flakes into your molds for decoration and then add some mixture and poke a few air holes. Air holes are going to help your bath bombs to swim. I added some leftover mixture from my orange bath bombs inside my Oatmeal fizzies. You can use embeds instead.

6. Fill up both of your mold parts with bath bomb mixture until they mound in the center. Press both halves together, gently remove the excess mix with your fingers.

7. Lightly tap with a spoon a few times. It helps to release your bath bombs.

8. I have aluminum molds which I don’t use anymore and that’s where I like to dry my bath bombs. I place the halves of aluminum molds in a muffin tray for more stability.

9. Cocoa Butter Drizzle. I made a very tiny batch of the drizzle to ice my 4 bath bombs. You can make more of course and remelt it as necessary.

2g Cocoa Butter (melted)
3g Baking Soda
1g Polysorbate 80

Mix these ingredients together and drizzle your bath bombs. I sprinkled some bio glitter on top of the icing but it’s not necessary.

Let your bath bombs dry for 24-48 hours before packaging. They make a lovely present to friends and family and if you’re selling bath bombs then this one is going to be a luxurious addition to your production line.

If you’re wondering where to buy ingredients for bath bomb making then check this supplier list.

Let me know how did you like this recipe and if you have any questions or problems please ask them in the comments down below or contact me on my Facebook Page or post in our DIY Bath Bomb Recipes group.

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