Bath Bomb Recipes

Cocoa Glazed Bath Bombs. Part I

Today I am going to teach you how to make 2 colored bath bombs and I am going to give you a cocoa drizzle/glaze recipe that won’t stain your bathtub.

This bath bomb recipe works well for both dry and humid climate and it makes very hard, foamy, moisturizing bath bombs. The formulation is based on my Green Apple Bath Bombs with a few changes.

I added SCI powder aka Baby Foam aka Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate to slow down the fizz, upped my Poly 80 to make sure that glitter and my oil-soluble colorant won’t make a huge mess in my bathtub. SCI powder is an extremely mild, gentle surfactant which creates a nice, lathery foam. If you don’t have it you can substitute it with a different powdered surfactant such as SLSA. If SLSA is not an option for you but you still want your bath bombs to foam you could add 1tbsp (about 10g) of any milk powder.


  • gloves
  • spatulas
  • whisk (you can use a stand mixer or a hand mixer if you want)
  • kitchen scales
  • measuring cups
  • dust mask
  • 2 mixing bowls
  • bath bomb molds of your choice
  • sifter

and you binder of choice. I use water

I also have included the downloadable PDF file with the recipe down below. Feel free to use it.


1. In a large mixing bowl sift your dry ingredients (except Natrasorb) and mix them very well. Make sure there are no clumps. I couldn’t find my sifter so I broke all the clumps with my hands.

2. Now mix your carrier oil with Polysorbate 80 (I used Polysorbate 20 because I am out of Poly 80) and add to your mixture. Mix well.

3. Measure your fragrance oil and add Natrasorb to create a paste that has to be incorporated in the dry mix. Natrasorb is used to anchor the scent and to help disperse the fragrance oil. If you don’t have it then add your fragrance oil directly to your mix.

4. At this point you should be able to form a soft clump. Squeeze some mixture in your hand. It has to form an easily breakable, fragile clump like shown in the picture. If you see that your mixture doesn’t clump you need to add more oil.

5. I want to make two-colored bath bombs. I am using a water-soluble dye (dark pink) and a violet lake colorant. If you decide to use water-soluble dyes then you should pre-disperse them in water so the color really pops out. If using lakes you could add them directly to your mixture. I divided my mixture into two-part. One is going to be colored with a dark pink dye and the other with a violet lake. That’s my mixture colored with the dye.

6. Our next step is to color the other part of the mix. I am adding the colorant and mixing very well so no clumps are left. After that let’s add 1-2 ml of water to each bowl and mix very quickly so the mixture doesn’t react. If you don’t like working with water rubbing alcohol or witch hazel might be a better option for you.

7. After you added your binder it’s time to check if the mixture is wet enough. Squeeze some mixture in your hands and see if it clumps well. It should form a stable clump. I dropped mine in the bowl and it didn’t break apart. Tat’s how I know that I can start packing my molds.

8. Finally we can start molding bath bombs. Sprinkle the mixture in your molds. You should pack lightly so your bath bombs don’t sink. I also poke a few holes when I mold my bath bombs. It helps them to spin. When both parts of your molds are full of bath bomb pictures press them together. Tap with a back of a spoon a few times to help to release your bath bombs. set to dry for 24-48 hours before packaging. I let mine dry in an airtight container with some rice in it. Rice helps to absorb the extra moisture.

How to mold round bath bombs

In Part II I will give you the recipe and instructions on how to make cocoa butter drizzle. It’s a simple but beautiful way to decorate your bath bombs, bath truffles, bubble bars, and bubble scoops.

Here’s the Bath Bomb Recipe in PDF. You can download it and print out, make notes, etc. I hope it’s going to be helpful to you.

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