I started making my homemade products in 2016 and I wasted so much time and energy trying to keep my notes and the lists of my inventory and supplies in a notebook. I soon realized that that’s not bringing me anyware. I would keep forgetting how expensive my ingredients were, what was the recipe I used in a particular batch, how much of a certain ingredient I used etc.

Then I discovered Airtable and it made my life so much easier. It’s like Spreadsheets but way better with more options and it’s generally more user-friendly.

Here’s a link to this service. It has a few subsciption plans and I use the free one,it’s more than enough.

that’s the products I made, categorized, with pictures of thelabels. In these tabs I keep all the information concerning a certain product (name, usage, how I made it, what’s to improve, ingredient list etc)

and that’s how I save my formulas…

keeping track of my packaging supplies
my stock


It’s a multi-purpose graphic design service which I use mostly use for my labels and picture editing. I use a free plan and it’s very good actually. This servicw will take your business to the next level.

Bath bomb lebel design (template)

Use this link to access some of the labels templates I’ve created. They are free, you can just customize them accordig to your brand and product.

Here’s how I use Spreadsheets to calculate my batches.

I will keep updating this section of the blog. Let me know your tips and tricks concerning homemade cosmetic product.

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