Shaving Soap

Kaolin Clay &Lime Creamy Shaving Soap

Today I am sharing a recipe for super simple but absolutely gorgeous Kaolin Clay &Lime Shaving Soap. It’s very creamy, luxurious, has a beautiful slip and its refreshing, zesty, citrusy scent won’t leave you disappointed.

It took me longer to clean up than whip up this creamy fluffiness.

The base for this recipe comes from the foaming bath whip which I made about a week ago. As I said before you can either buy it as a ready product or make it from scratch.

thick and creamy

Let’s take a look at the formula. As a side note, you can use a different oil or a different type of clay if you’d like.

Ingredient Name%200 g Batch
Foaming Bath Whip74148
Macadamia Nut Oil7.414.8
Kaolin Clay7.414.8
Fragrance Oil3.87.4
green mica (optional)


  1. Weigh the foaming bath whip and whip it until fluffy and almost doubled in size. I used my new stick blender with a whip attachment and it worked so quickly that I was utterly shocked. It took me about 30-40 seconds and I am not kidding.

2. Now add your kaolin clay and your liquid ingredients and mix well. Add mica and whip briefly. Make sure to not overwhip it because in such case your fluffy shaving soap won’t be so fluffy anymore.

3. Now it’s time to package. You can pipe it in some jars but I just scooped mine. If I were to make a larger batch I would definitely pipe it.

Look at this creamy texture. This creamy soap is so moisturizing that might not even need to use lotion afterward. Try it for yourself or make it for family and friends, or your customers. When I told you that foaming bath whip is versatile I meant every word.

It took me longer to clean up than whip up this creamy fluffiness.
Have fun and let me know what you guys think about this recipe! Share your experience with foaming bath whip. What did you like? Maybe there’s something you are not sure about? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. See you next time!

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