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Orange &Cinnamon Gelly Sugar Scrub

I am so excited to share the recipe for this beautiful, gelly kinda bubble gum texture sugar scrub. My sister-in-law asked me to dupe one of her favorite sugar scrubs a few weeks ago and let me tell you something it took me some time to figure it out. But once I was done I knew it’s one of the best things I made and my sister-in-law was also very happy with her gelly sugar scrub.

It’s pretty easy to make and it is also cost-effective. You can customize this recipe to make it more or less scrubby by increasing or reducing the amount of sugar and orange peel powder. If you are more a salt scrub person then go ahead and use salt instead of sugar. Be brave, be creative, experiment, and play around with the recipe. You can add all kind of things to my basic formula:

  • botanical extracts
  • glycerine
  • aloe vera
  • ground coffee
  • jojoba beads
  • pumice
  • fruit powders
scrubby, scrubby



  1. Add Xanthan Gum to a beaker and mix well with almond oil. This step is very important because xanthan gum contributes to the consistency of the scrub.

2. Add Polysorbate 20 and essential oils and mix well. You can use a mini mixer for this step.

3. Add sugar and orange peel powder or exfoliants of your choice. Stir to combine.

4. Now it’s time to add water. That’s when we see the change in the texture. It becomes soft and almost like bubble gum.

5. Now you can add your preservative. And in this case, a preservative is a MUST because we use water in the recipe. I chose Liquid Germall Plus but you can use a different one.

That’s how easy it is to make this unusual, scrubby, citrusy scented sugar scrub.

A few more notes:

  1. You can use different solubilizers like Polysorbate 80 or Olivem 900.
  2. You can totally use a different oil.
  3. Cinnamon essential oil is very irritating s have to be careful not to add too much. You can also use a fragrance oil instead of essential oils

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