DIY Bath Bombs: The Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. PART 2

In the previous blog post, I mentioned a few things that can go wrong when you make bath bombs and how to avoid them. Today I want to show you the other common mistakes DIY crafters, especially newbies tend to make. And there is nothing to be ashamed about, it happens even to professionals. The most important is to figure out what you’re doing wrong and learn from it. Do not give up and keep pursuing this hobby and you’ll be surprised how beautiful and amazing your bath bombs will turn out.


Sometimes bumps or blisters appear on the bath bombs after unmolding. So you take them out of the molds, they seem to look perfectly fine and then the next day they are all covered with little blisters. The number one reason for it is air humidity or the mixture itself contains too much moisture. You should also make sure you mix wet ingredients with the dry ones carefully. There should not be any clumps in the dry ingredient mixture. You can use a sieve to get rid of the clumps and use a coffee grinder to make citric acid and bath salts(Epsom salts) extra smooth. When citric acid is fine ground than it combines better with the other ingredients and this also should make a bath bomb to fizz better.P1030991


If your bath bombs keep expanding it indicates that too much water was used which set off a premature chemical reaction between citric acid and baking soda. But you can still save the batch by simply adding some baking soda and citric acid to the mixture.  Make sure the ratio of baking soda and citric acid is 2:1. So for every spoon of citric acid, you need to add 2 spoons of baking soda. Using colorant which contains water can also cause premature fizzing as well as air humidity.


Sometimes unmolding can be very tricky as well. Different people have different techniques, for example, leaving them to dry overnight and then unmold or oil them before stuffing them with a mixture. If you use standard bath bomb molds (sphere ones) then the best is to leave one-half open and let it dry for 30 min – 1 hour and then take it out and dry overnight. When you stuff your bath bomb molds do not pack them too hard if you want to prevent the bath bombs from dropping in your bathtub.

If you use very detailed bath bomb molds and you can not release your bath fizzies out of these molds then you may want to try sprinkling their bottom with bath salts, dry flowers or some other decorative items. Another way to help you to get out your bath bombs is to dust the bath bomb molds with cornstarch or oil them a little bit.P1030977.JPG

And one more thing, even one of your bathes is cop=mpletely ruined you should not throw it away because it is still going to fizz like crazy and smell like heaven. Just crumble the mixture you are not satisfied with and put it in a nice jar and use them for your bath time.


If you have any other problems or issues concerning bath bombs you can always contact me.

You can get even more useful information and detailed instruction how to make bath bombs from this book on Amazon.




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