Bath Bomb Recipes

Lavander and Green Clay Bath Bomb DIY Tutorial


½ cup Citric acid

1 cup baking soda

20g Tapioca Starch

1/8 cup Epsom salts (bath salts)

1 tbsp carrier oil (I like Sweet Almond)

1/2 tbsp Polysorbate 80

15g Cream of tartar

cosmetic clays (1 tbsp each)

10g Fragrance oil

colorant of choice (if desired)

NOTE: In this recipe, we used green cosmetic clay and lavender bath salts to create a three colored pattern. The mixture was divided into 3 parts: violet, green, and white. But you are free to use other ingredients and colorants.


  1. Gather all the ingredients.
  2. Combine all the powders. In a large mixing bowl, add the citric acid, baking soda, and green cosmetic clay. Whisk thoroughly.Optional: You can add ¼ cup of Epsom salt after mixing all the ingredient.
  3. Add a small amount of water or oil. Use a spray bottle to dampen the mixture you’ve just created. Add water enough to make the dough compactable.P1040019

Note: Adding too much water will make the mixture bubbly. If this happens, repeat the procedure.

Tip: After spritzing the mixture two or three times, give it another stir using your hands. It should hold have the consistency of wet sand and hold together. If it doesn’t, add a little more liquid and try again.


4.If you opt to use essential oils or food coloring, this is the best time to do so. When the mixture can be easily shaped in your hands, add a few drops of essential oil and food coloring according to your preference.

Tip: You can mix in multiple scents and colors to create a unique combination.

5.Fill in your molds with your mixture. Press the mixture firmly into the molds, to prevent them from cracking.


Tip: If you want to make smaller bath bombs, you can use silicone candy molds.

6.Let the bombs dry. Leave them in the molds for at least 24 hours. It is advisable to place the molds in a cool, dry area away from moisture. If after 24 hours the bath bombs are still slightly damp, carefully remove them from the molds and allow them to air dry.

7.Store the bath bombs. When the bath bombs are finally dry, remove them from the drying area and store them in a hermetic container or a glass jar. Keep the bombs away from moisture to prevent premature fizzing.

Tip: It is better to use the bath bombs within a few months as they do not contain any preservatives.

Thank you for reading this post.

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